Now this obsession is killing me
Until I have a heart attack
I'll keep on trying to win you back

Alone at last,
I can't wait till we're alone at last
All i wanted was a second chance, second chance
To hold you in my arms at last

Forever, forever
I'll walk a thousand miles
Just to tell her, to tell her
Our love is still alive
And I'll never, I'll never
I'll never let it die

I tried to quit but there's no use
Cause I'm addicted to her abuse
She's in control of everything
I'm just a puppet, she pulls my strings
Denying truth, I'll test my fate
And keep on playing this wicked game

We're dancing on thin ice before
Frozen from the winter's cold
And if it were to crack below
I'd never let you go

Better watch your step
She's a diamond on a landmine
Better watch your step
She's a diamond on a landmine
Better not touch
She's a diamond on a landmine
Better to forget
She's a diamond on a landmine
Waiting to explode
2.11.09 14:12

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