Emotional Hardcore - Emocore - Emo

Sorry but everytime I'm very angry, gotta write in english. I know my english isn't very well but - who cares?
I've got a question...what is wrong with being Emo?? You can be sure, I'm not blind! I just don't see a reason to bother Emos. I like them, they're very kind.
What about this silly rumors like 'Emos cut themselves.' What do you think by saying this?? I mean, there are MANY "ordinary" people who cut themselves.
Think you didn't even listen once to Emomusic, right? I like it. There are many beautiful songs. So what?
I love to be Emo, Visu, Punk and so on. You can't see it, because I'm wearing what I want. I'm looking like "ordinary" people but love to hear that kind of music.
I became very sad when my boyfriend said something like "Emos cut themselves, have got black eyes and black nail polish and they're gay. I don't like them." And just a few minutes later, he asked me what kind of music Emo is. I wanted to cry for his stupidy. You won't believe, he listened to Emo, too XD I laughed on him. But it's very sad. Such prejudices. Okay,okay. Maybe some Emos are gay...but that's life!! And maybe they love black things, but that's what many "ordinary" people love, too!! Like said before, there are many people cutting themselves.
Let them just do what they want to do, they let you do what you want to do, too. Leave them alone, they can better live without people like you.
It's just their own buisness.
Let them be like they want to be.

Yeah, ordinary people cut themselves, too!
3.10.06 15:31

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